Agile Hiring Software

elitRecruiter is an easy-to-use project management software that helps tech-driven startups automate structured interview process and operations.

Add structure and repeatability

Build and automate workflows

Streamline interview coordination

Reduce administrative time-burden

Tired of endless administration without results?
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Agile. Intuitive.

Interview process board

Build and customize hiring workflow and process, choose from multiple interview types, assign interview roles to team members, and save.

Add structure and repeatability

Support any process, simple or complex

Keep everything in one place

Workflow automation

Drag and drop your job candidates across customizable interview stages to trigger coordinative actions that remove administrative dependencies embedded in hiring.

Build and automate workflows

Minimize touchpoints

Reduce administration

Seamless interview coordination

Automate panel scheduling and coordination with our iCoordinator, or share an external-facing calendar and enables candidates to book interviews directly in real-time.

Streamline interview coordination

Control booking flow and preferences

Manage interviewers and teams

Email and calendar sync

Stay connected by integrating elitRecruiter with your email and calendar client. All conversations and scheduling updates post automatically to candidate timelines, making it easy for teams to stay in sync.

Auto-log conversations and status updates

Google Suite, Office 365, Exchange,

AIPCA/SOC 2, Privacy Shield, and GDPR compliant

Redefine hiring: Agile
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